This is our "Crew", people who have helped us in one way or another along the trail.

If we have missed you, we appoligize. It isn't intentional and we are very blessed by your contribution! There are many more than we can list who have helped!

From the Home Base back in Northern Michigan;


Pastor Wolfe and Carolyn

Jeff, Barb, Levi and Marcel Morse

Kathy and Ken Van Loon

Connie and Lyle Cousins

Dave, Dawn and Collin Nelsey

Caroline Barnes

Eldon Barclay


Camp Timbers

Ryan Mertz

Steve Meyer

Danni, Pam and the rest of the Cox family


Pointer Hill Saddlery

Ted Bayne

Mark, Whittney, and Imari Tetu

Ogemaw Vet Clinic

Martha Rains

Darwin Gaines

Jana Healey

Duke Schnieder

Agape Community Church

Jay, Linda, and Family

Crystal Spirdioni and Family

Kallie, Michael Weggman and family

Bruce, Leeanne and Shay Westerman

Alexis Westerman

Sarah Lutz

Stacy Kimbrell and family


On the trail through Michigan;


The Springs Camp

Dean and Sandra Broka

Doug Clark

Dry Dock Restaurant

Laurie Dewey

Julie Clark

Dave and Debbie

Tammy, Jacob (our 5 year old MI Cowboy) and Sarah Flemming

Jamie and Ryan Gilbert and family

Gary Gorham

Kim Haller

Bill Kosachuk and family

Randy and Faith Ludwig

George and Criss Maurer

Steve and Sarah Miller

John and Pat Payne

Mike Rowley

Connie and Rusty Redman

Lional and Robin

Bill and Jane Sowel

Dodie and Jerry Thorton

Mike Shaw

United Methodist Church in Henderson, MI

Brian Wood

Channel 7


Again, if we missed you we appoligize! We greatly appreciate you and your support of the trip! If you know of someone we missed through Michigan, please e-mail us the name so we can post them!





Our Trail Hands from Indiana;


Big Mac

Paul Dennison

Jennifer from the Comet Paper

Cowboys for Christ

Alan and Elaine Daubenspeck

The Etna Elevator

Freedom Nazarene in Freedom, IN

Holly's Hair Hut

Janice and Mike Hardesty

Mt Zion Wesleyan Church

Dale and Kathy Jordan

J.W. Jones

Dave Leval

Kim and Deb Lafuse

Keith Light

Crossroads Nazarene Church

Logansport Nazarene

Mr. & Mrs Smith

Hank Miller

Loyd and Nina Miller

Brian Miller

John, Cassie and Kelly Marsee

Becky and Matt Mishler

Alan Meyer

Pastor Ted

Mike and Diane Odore

Pam and Rodney Overpeck

O'Fishel Gunworks

Karen Plemons

Jerry and Kay Riegsecker

Troyer's Saddlery

Debera Seely

Philis and Jim St Clair

Wilma Simons

Justin and Rose Anna Stessman

Bruce and Kim Smith

Lynn Warner

Mary Whittfield

Dale, Mandy and Harley Whitaker

Bopp and Mark Ward

Dean, Kelli and Sam Zent

Hannah Zehner

Pastor Steve and Stephanie

Jasper church

Grendlyn and family

The Flemion Family


If we missed you we are sorry! If you e-mail us any names we missed in Indiana we would greatly appreciate it!

Our help through Kentucky;


Audubon Nazarene Church

Pastor Doug

Jan Stanley

Sheila and Bruce Blandford

Brad, Terri and Deb Anderson

Ricky and Ginger Boatright

Grant and Lainie Beckner

Adam Murray

Sharin and Mike Murray

Big Jeff

Austin Boaz

Sandy and Clayton Boaz

Mr. and Mrs. Beckner

Steve Cruise


Billy Joe

The Princeton American Legion

The Princeton Elks Club

Ron Ballard

Tom and Pam Tow


Tani Hudson

Connie, Mike and Erica Hathorn

Julie from the Benton Co-Op

Mr. and Mrs. Fulton

Murray State University

Stoltzfus family



Thank you very much and if we missed you or someone you know, please e-mail us the name and we'll gladly post them!





Our Trail Hands from Tennessee

Dale and Rita Swift

Marty Riggs

Mr. and Mrs. Ingels

Mr. and Mrs. Nance

Ungine Mc Neal

Van and Charline Domangue

Lake Nowhere Mule and Donkey Farm

Deb and Jim Kidwell

Susan Powell

Richard and Road Runner Driving Academy

Gary, Tracy and Tray Eddings

The First Baptist Church in Sharon

Pastor Jerry