Thank you for helping!

Pat Earnheart- Cutting Horses

Thank you so much Pat Earnheart! Pat is a legend in the Cutting Horse world, he has been in the Hall of Fame twice and has won several prizes throughout his carreer. He has been very helpful to the team and has opened his home to them to rest for a few days while bad weather passes through. What an amazing man and such a blessing to know him!

Brute Ropes

Thank you Paul Lynch! Paul Lynch makes lead lines, lunge lines, and other horse items with Boat rope! It's increadibly flexible and sturdy! He has been a great blessing to us! Check out his ropes and products at

Murray Cutting Horses

Thank you very much Adam Murray! Adam is a wonderful trainer who trains and shows cutting horses and does a fantastic job! He is a gentle trainer who sets a very firm foundation for his horses and they are remarkably smooth, confident and light on leg cues and very soft in the face. His horse, Boone, works so lightly you don't need a bridle! Brandy and Ashley have had a blast working with Adam and learning from him.


Adam is a wonderful man of God who desires to serve Him and love the way Christ does. He has a big heart and has been a wonderful encouragement to the girls and so have his parents, Mike and Sharon Murray.


Adam has donated the use of his mare, Bobby Sue as a replacement for Brandy's riding horse, Prince. Prince has torn a tendon and will stay with Adam until the team makes it back to Kentucky and will then switch horses back.


If you are looking for a good cutting horse, have one you would like trained, or would just like to tune in your riding horse, give Adam a call! (270) 365-2182


Thank you so much Adam and we'll see you in the spring!

Ron Ballard

Thank you Ron Ballard for your help with shoeing the horses! Brandy's mare, Feb, threw a shoe and lost it in a 20 acre pasture and so a new set was needed. Not only did Ron donate his time and expertise with Brandy's mare, but also helped in re-setting the other horses. He also taught Brandy how to shoe and got her started on that. Now if they another horse throws a shoe Brandy can put it back on, or put a new shoe on.


Thank you so very much Ron and God Bless you 100 fold!

Horseback America Expedition

Without Horseback America Expedition, I don't believe we would be able to take this trip. Karin Hauestein from the expedition has helped us out greatly and we appreciate her more than we can express! 


We also greatly appreciate Dane Edward Hartwell, he is the man who started Horseback America Expedition back in 1993. He is an amazing man who has been living out on the trail as we are doing, with the exception that he has done it since his starting time. 


His adventures are incredible and I strongly recommend anyone following his adventures that still continue today. Go to

Rose Hills Resort

Rose Hills Resort has been a great help to us! If you're ever in Rose City, Mi, or would like to visit, you should look into this place! It has beautiful cabins that are more like houses and can accomidate for large family gatherings, and connects directly to the ORV trails on National State Forest. Check them out!

Ted's Reconditioned Tack

Ted Bayne from West Branch, MI is a great man! He reconditions tack, can build you a saddle from scratch, and create anything leather! He has also done some packing out west in various states. We owe a lot to Ted. If it wasn't for him we wouldn't be able to do this trip. He was the first person who said this trip was possible and then came alongside us to help make it happen. He loaned us his pack gear to begin training, along with a great packing book, and then he shared his experiences with us and has spent a lot of time helping us plan. He also set us up with our "dutch oven" that is multi purpouse and light weight. We cannot go on enough about this man! If you're ever in West Branch, you should give him a call and visit! Ted Bayne, 989-345-3871

West Branch MotorSports

Thank you West Branch MotorSports, they've been very good to us by helping us find some great Motocross pants for the trip! They are very nice people and Gary was more than happy to help us with what we needed. It's a great little shop and if anyone is in West Branch I suggest you check them out! Or go to their website at