2 New Team Members

And the Lord has blessed the team with 2 new horses in Arkansas! We are very blessed to have AJ, a 16 hand black and white Tennessee Walker, and April, a 14.3 hand gray gaited mare. The team is very blessed to have them to finish out the trip! Sadly Brandy's horse Febero had to stay behind in Mississippi with Taylor Flowers due to an old injury that reoccured. And Red stayed behind at Hope Ranch in Lake Village, AR with Donnie and Debbie Miller. So the team is continueing with the 4 horses.


We made it to Texas! Yay! Currently we are in Woodville, Texas, waiting out some thunderstorms.  We are 100 miles from our destination and as I sat watching our amazing horses graze many thoughts ran through my head. The adventures, hardships, victories dispite the odds, the special quiet moments shared as well as the many laughs, but what hit me hard was the amazing people who showed their beautiful hearts and faith by reaching out to us in one way or another. I cannot say enough to express my gratitude to y'all for how you have touched not only my life but also my sisters. Thank y'all so much!   


I am praying for a truck and a trailer, I truly believe the Lord has more for us and that we could go to churches, youth groups, schools, anyplace we would be welcomed to share the Lords love and grace. Id love to give demonstrations with the horses and let the kids interact with them and ride if possible. It would be a traveling love ministry. And I would love to do Christ centered horsemanship clinics for women. Something to pray about!


We are almost to $20,000.00 and a fourth well. We need about $1,000 more.


We hope to reach Houston by the end of March. You are invited to attend service with the girls on Apr. 1 at Bayou City Fellowship, services held at Houston Christian H.S., 2700 W. Sam Houston Pkwy. North, Houston TX 713-580-6000

Benefit Dinner

There will be a benefit dinner to raise money for the wells in Haiti by the Agape Community Church of the Nazarene.


Date: Saturday, March 10th, 2012

Tiime: 4 pm to 7 pm

Place: West Branch Community Center on Page St.


Let's help the girls raise the rest of the money for the fourth well.


We made it into Louisiana. 400 more miles to go until we reach Houston. At Kilborne, LA, we visited the Crossroads Cowboy Church. We met Danny and Gail, and another family - Kent and Belinda and their daughter Sydney. We also saw our first alligator in the wild. It was about 3 feet in length and sunning itself on a log in the river.


We would lke to say a big thank you to Mr. Cox of Bonita, LA for fixing Ashley's saddle when it broke right near his home. Mr. Cox is a saddle worker and the Lord knew where we should be at just the right time.


We'd also like to thank the Moore family - Mike, Robin and their daughters for helping us in West Monroe, LA.




Praise God and for providing his blessings. We have now reached $18,500 for the wells with $1500 left to make a fourth well. Way to go God!


In Arkansas the Lord allowed us to meet Donny and Deb Miller of Hope Ranch in Lake Village. We had a wonderful stay and they blessed us with two new horses!. AJ (Adicted to Jesus) is a black and white pinto Tennessee Walker and April, a white gaited mare. Unfortunately we had to leave another of our precious horses behind - Red developed an abcess on this leg above his hoof and had to stay behind at Hope Ranch where he is being spoiled rotten and living a life of luxury with lots of attention for a short time. While we were here we found out that we raised $17,000 for the wells. $2,ooo over our goal and it goes towards a fourth well. Praise God!

Arkansas Here We Come!

The girls and their horses have made it through Mississippi and crossed over the Mississippi River at Greenville. They even got a police escort to boot. Amazingly enough Brandy kept her cool and didn't panic. Pictures to come.

The Lord is good

Febero, the head horse and Brandy's girl, is out for the ride. She had an old injury occur that will take a few months to heal, so she is staying with Taylor Flowers until the team comes back through on the way home and will pick her up again. Brandy is so very grateful to Taylor and all her friends who were willing to extend a helping hand in taking care of Febero. The Lord is good to provide and keep the horses safe!

On to Cleveland, Mississippi

The team had planned to head over into Arkansas by way of the Helena bridge, but after meeting Katie Tims from the Quarter Horse News they were advised to head towards the Greenville bridge which is a brand new, 4 lane bridge all the way accross. Also, we could be connected with horse people along the way to possibly host the team.

The team will be leaving Tuesday morning and heading toward Greenville and then on to Eudora, Arkansas. Thank you so much to Taylor Flowers and Katie & Bobby Tims for all their help and advice, you all have been so great to us!

Safe from the storm

On our way west on highway 304 towards Eudora, Mississippi from Hernando, Mississippi, the team had a bolt of lightning stop them dead in their tracks. Literally.


They were trying to make it to a house that was still 6 miles out at 3:30 pm when  the western sky grew increasingly dark. They came upon a horse facility that had a sign out front that read, "Pat Earnheart, Cutting Horses." Brandy thought it was pretty cool that they would pass such a place, as she was riding a cutting horse and the girls had made friends with a cutting horse trainer. Something in her gut said to stop there, but wanting to make the miles and hoping to get to a welcoming house, and not being invited in, they continued on. The team had not gone 50 feet from the drive when a very distinct bolt of lightning struck straight down in front of them from the darkening sky. That was all Brandy needed as confirmation! The team pulled in and knocked on the door. No one was home. The indoor arena and barn attatched was wide open, surely the owner wouldn't object if the team at least waited out the storm in safety, at least they could be dry until the owner came home. Brandy called Adam Murray, their cutting horse friend, and he was able to look up Pat's phone number. Brandy contacted Pat and he had a gentleman named Zack come out and help settle the horses in the arena for the night.

Our friends Sarita, Chelsea, and Chrysta were with us. Sarita and Chelsea had driven behind the team with their flashers on to help keep cars from comming up on the team on the narrow road. Chrysta road on Twist, as our other friend, Melinda, offered to take some of the pack to give the horses a break. It was great to have Chrysta ride all day with us!

Melinda brought out our packs, as well as 3 bales of hay for the horses. Then they took Ashley home and Brandy stayed with the horses to keep them watered throughout the night. Don't worry, all was safe and the girls enjoyed a little time to themselves! Besides, Brandy had Tae!

The next day was scheduled to be a rest day for the team, but the Lord told them to ride. While Brandy was getting around that morning Pat Earnheart stopped in to see what exactly had landed at his place the night before. He said he had never heard of such a thing and wished them good luck.

The team was close to Highway 61 out of Eudora, where they met a wonderful woman named Petra who is from South Africa and runs a wildlife rescue and rehab, when Sarita and Chrysta found us and stayed with us. There was not a good place to camp, and the Expo center was ahead by not too far. Sarita and Chrysta drove ahead to see how far the center was and if the team could stay there. While they were headed that far, Sarita called a man named Bennie they had met on the road the day before who had offered up his assistance if the girls ever had need of it. She made contact with him just as she found the Expo center. Sarita explained that the team was having difficulty finding a safe place to camp, and Bennie said he was on his way. Well, Sarita and Chrysta went back to the girls and said Bennie would meet up with them all soon with a horse trailer to get the girls to a safe campsite. The Expo center was still 8 miles out and daylight was almost gone.

While on the road, a horseshoer who was shoeing at the Tunica Furtility Cutting Horse Show at the Expo center stopped to offer his services if the horses should need it. Brandy asked him if they would be able to stay at the Expo center, and the farrier, David, said he didn't think it would be a problem. He personally knew the person running the event and would talk to him and give him Brandy's phone number. As he was getting in his truck he said, "The man you will be talking to is Pat Earnheart." Go figure! Surely Pat would see us pests now! ;)

Well, the team hadn't heard anything either way about the Expo center as Bennie met them with a trailer. Brandy asked him if he had a safe place, or what the plan was. Bennie's reply was, "I don't know, we'll just trailer down there and see what they say!" He said that the area we were in was not safe and needed to go one way or the other, and soon. As we were untacking and loading the gear in the back of his truck, guess who pulled up? Pat Earnheart. The Lord sure was up to something on this one! Pat was impressed at the distance the team had made and said we were more than welcomed to stay at his place. He said the girls could stay in one of his appartments and he had an outdoor pen the horses could stay in. He said we could stay until the rain passed, as the next two days were supposed to be heavy rain. So, again, the team trailered BACK. Bennie said he would meet the team Sunday morning and trailer us back to where he picked them up, so they didn't find themselves in the same situation!

So, for the next two days the girls stayed with Pat Earnheart and were able to attend the show and watch his daughter, Kelle Earnheart, show. It was such a blessing and Pat is an amazing man to know, please keep him in your prayers as he recently had a lung transplant. But that doesn't keep that man down!

Kelle Earnheart
Kelle Earnheart

News Broadcast- Really Good!

Fox Channel 13 did a really good job on this! We were at Hernando, Mississippi with Randy, Alexandria, and Milinda Bennett when they interviewed us. The News crew stuck around for 2 hours while we tacked up! Check it out here!

Happy Birthday Pastor Wolfe!

It is Pastor Wolfe's Birthday on Saturday, January 28th and the team would like to wish him a very happy and blessed day! This will be the first time in about 6 years that Brandy has not been home to wish him a happy day. 


We are very grateful for our Pastor, he has been very supportive not only on this trip, but before hand as well. Pastor has been a second father to Brandy in many ways and been an encouragement to many. 


Thank you so much Pastor for all you do and for your support to the team! We love you and miss you! Happy Birthday!


And in to Mississippi!!!

Hurray, hurray! Another state down! The team is getting ready to (finally) cross into Mississippi tomorrow (January 27th)! We sure had a great time in Tennessee and met many wonderful people! Thank you to all our dear friends, we will miss you and be in touch! Don't forget to track us! 


We will be staying north of Holly Springs, MS and meeting up with our friend Charlie Betz, the owner of Bo. His son and his family live near there and we will have a 3 day rest before leaving to head into Arkansas. Oh, that means we're close to crossing the Mississippi River.... hang on Brandy!

Unusual Weather for Michigan Girls

Okay, so it's the 22nd of January and Ashley and I are used to snow and blizard conditions, but this is a first! There is a tornado watch out and they canceled the evening service at church due to the weather warnings. And Ashley and I went for a trail ride with our host, Clint Burckheart, and his oldest son, Cody. It was a lot of fun and was some pretty intense riding! We were out in just a hoodie with the temprature being 50's! I couldn't believe it was January! The south is something else, that's for sure! Hopefully we don't get the storms they are calling for!

In Tennessee

Hey everyone!

We made it through most of Tennessee! We met up with a covered wagon that left Michigan 2 weeks behind us as we left central Michigan! They have been behind us the whole way and we never even knew it! They caught up to us during our 3 week layover in Princeton. While we went around the west side of Land Between the Lakes, they went to the east. A friend called us about them on our way into Murray, Ky and during our layover day some friends, Connie, Mark, and Erica, drove us over to Cadiz to meet them. The next morning Adam Murray drove down and trailered the string to the east so we could ride with them. It added 60 miles to our trip, but it sure was worth it! Deb and Mark Harris sold everything they had and bought 2 Belgian Draft horses and built a covered wagon which they now live out of. Their mission is to bless people and pray for anyone who will give them a prayer request. You can follow them on their blog here.

We rode with them from Cadiz, KY to Parris, TN and split for about a week. We then met back with them in Milan, TN and just split off from them yesturday south of Jackson, TN when we took 18 and they stayed on 45. We believe that may be the last time we will be able to ride with them, but what a blessing it was to share the journey with them!

On the road again!

The team had a wonderful Christmas break with the Murray family and their dear friend, Grant Beckner. As soon as the rain clears up, hopefully Wednessday morning, the team will be back on the road again for round 2. Thank you everyone for your prayers and support, we couldn't do it without you and you all have ment so very much to us!!


God Bless and we'll update again as soon as possible!

The tally is...

Okay, so the amount raised for the wells as of Christmas time is... $7,000!


Thank you everyone for your help! We couldn't do it without you! And just think, by this time next year 6,000 people will be living different lives that are healthier and with less worry for their families!


We all have things that are on our minds, but praise the Lord that our neccessities for life are taken care of. We truly have been blessed to live a country so plentiful with food and water. And what a blessing to be able to give some of that to others in another country!


Thank you again and may the Lord continue to bless you and your family!

Merry Christmas!

We would like to send out a very Merry Christmas to all of our friends out there! We miss you all very, very much and can't wait to see you all again!


The team is in Princeton, Ky for Christmas and we have made some wonderful friendships here. The Lord has truly blessed by allowing us to be here and we have had some difficulties come up that the Lord already had planned out. Febero had an impaction to her back and is now recovering from a flesh wound on her withers. The Vet said she would be just fine and gave her antibiotics for 2 weeks. She should be able to carry a pack again in about a month. Prince tore his tendon and the vet said he should have 60 to 90 days off for full recovery, so he is staying here with Adam Murray who is a cutting horse trainer and he is allowing Brandy to take his cutting mare, Bobby Sue. She is a great horse and has a big heart for people. She is a beautiful red roan, pictures will be posted as soon as possible.


Again, Merry Christmas and may the Lord bless you all greatly this season and in the new year to come!!! We love you all!


And the rain came down...

The team is in Sebree, Kentucky and waiting for the weather to clear up. Right now it is raining so much that there are flood warnings all around us! Some of the more southern areas are also getting a rain/sleet and our friend Tom said there are car wrecks all over and it is dangerous for anyone to be out. Hopefully the weather will clear up and the team will be on the road Tuesday, at the latest, by Wednesday. Then the forcast is calling for over a week of sunshine which means great traveling weather! Please pray for safety and clear travels for them so they can continue on their way and make it further south before the snow sets in!


Updated on 12-5-2011

We now have one well paid for!

The funds have come in for one of the water wells, $5,000! Thank you all so very much for your support and generous hearts, you have just helped us give a new life to 2,000 people, saving many lives! May the Lord bless you 100 fold for what you have given and may you and your family be blessed with health and love!


Updated on 12-5-2011

Finally, an update!

Alright, here it is, an update! We are terribly sorry that it has taken so long for this to come up on the website! We have limited access to a computer and we have been posting most of our logs onto our Facebook page. If you are having trouble finding us on Facebook, you can click on it here; Horseback for Haiti Facebook .


We have traveled successfully through Indiana and have now made it to Sebree, Kentucky!! We have made many wonderful friends along the way and it seemed that we were being held in Indiana by all of you're wonderful hospitality! But after having to press hard we finally made it accross the newer 231 bridge over the Ohio river and into Owensborro, KY. We were very glad to have made it, only to have a 3 day lay over due to severe storms. We stayed at the Audubon Church of the Nazarene. It seemed awfully familiar, that was the third time we had to lay over due to weather at a church! The first was at Bloomfield at the Mt. Zion Weslyen Church's Parsonage, then again at the Jasper Church of the Nazarene. We made wonderful friends at all layovers and are very blessed to have met you all!!!


We had to wait until the weather cleared again during the Thanksgiving weekend, and when we went to leave one of the horses threw a shoe and that held the team up again! Praise the Lord He knows what He is doing and everytime we submit to Him, do the best we can and trust Him, there is always a blessing that follows! This is the Lord's trail ride and we feel very blessed to be allowed to participate in it!


Updated on 12-1-2011 




Camping out, waiting on the weather

After leaving Kim's we headed south into Crawfordsville, IN and stopped into the KOA Campground. It's a great place! They offered the campsite for 2 nights, due to poor weather on Thursday, and we took it. If anyone is looking for a campsite, either RV or tenting it, this is a great place to set up! You can check them out at: www.crawfordsvillekoa.com



A scare with Colic

On Sunday, the 23rd of October the team had a scare of almost loosing a horse to colic. Colic is a horse owner's worst nightmare. It hits without warning and sometimes occurs from feeding too much rich hay or grass, or adding too much grain too fast. 

Red started to act uncomfortable around 1pm Sunday when the team stopped for a break at a little store to replenish some of our supplies. He was trying to itch a lot and we thought it was due to the fact that we made adjustments in his gear to try and avoid a possible saddle rub. When we stopped for another water break he wouldn't drink much and was starting be less responsive. 

By 3 pm Brandy was preparing for the worst. She started thinking of all the possibilities and knew Colic was the top cause. So Brandy began to look for a place to stop and get Red through his sickness, knowing a vet would most likely be needed, as well as a few days to recover. The team began knocking on every door along State Road 28 heading east toward Romney, IN, especially houses with horses, knowing that they may know of a good vet. No one was home. About 4:30 the team finally found a house that had horses in back and a man was home. It was his daughter's house and she wasn't home but he said there was an acre of land just on the other side of the house we could help ourselves to and a water spicket right in front of the house. 

We untacked and staked out the herd, and Ashley began walking Red. He went down and scratched his side, but didn't roll so we thought we were done. Nope. It was colic. He then showed signs of being in distress and was trying to drop and roll every 5 min. Brandy got on the phone with a couple they had stayed with a couple of nights ago, Diane and Mike Odore, and asked for Diane's help in finding a vet. After a few calls and a lot of searching, we finally made contact with the Purdue Large Animal Clinic in Lafayette. Dr. G came out about 8 pm and gave Red some pain meds to help him out. After looking at him, flushing out his system and doing the best she could, Dr. G said he was very dehidrated and there was nothing else we could do except surgery, which would cost at least $3,000. She also said that she couldn't tell us why he coliced, usually it's due to a change in diet or an overdose of Alf-alfa or new fresh grass, but Red hadn't had any of that. 

Dr. G left us with some pain meds should he need them when the ones she gave us ran out, and wished us the best. Due to the fact that we don't have $3,000 for surgery, if he didn't pull out of it we would have to make an extremely difficult decision. Ashley and Brandy did shifts with Red, each taking a 2 hour watch with him. They would let him rest for about an hour and then walk him for about 15 to 20 minutes, considering the fact that the poor guy was exausted, and that was following the vet's instructions. Every 1/2 hour they would offer him water with electrolites and if he wouldn't drink, they would suringe it into his mouth to get his hydration back. 

By morning, he was mantaining a steady leval so the extra pain meds weren't needed, but he still wasn't up to what we would like him to be. Ashley stayed with him and kept getting water into him, he was drinking on his own about every hour and a half, and Brandy went with Rose, the owner of the property who came out to see how Red was doing. Her and her husband, Justin Strossman, had gotten back late that night and so Rose came out Monday morning with a wonderful brunch for the girls and asked if there was anything she could do and Brandy needed to go into town to get some supplies for the horses and also needed to wash the horses blankets and boots, so she went into town to do that and Ashley stayed with Red. 

When Brandy got back around 4pm Red was showing signs of discomfort again, and the girls feared the worst. Brandy called Barb Morse for prayer, knowing there was nothing else we could do. Barb remembered the oils the girls had, and looked up colic in her referense book. It called for Di-gize, an oil Brandy had and Barb told her what to do with it. They imediately began the treatment and they also dug deep into the Lord. It was a critical line, if the vet was called again there was only 2 options, and really only one for the girls, the call no one wanted to make. The oil treatment was started about 4pm and by 7:30 Red was showing huge improvement. The neighbor down the road came over and offered a pasture with a barn and stall, as well as a heated building for the girls. They moved the horses about 8pm and after settling the herd in, they began the rotations again with Red. By 2 am Brandy made the call to put Red out in the pasture since he was doing so well. By morning he was out running with the herd and back to his old self. They gave him the day to recover and make sure they were out of danger, and Brandy and Ashley made some adjustments in the gear and cleaned everything out. 

Thank you so very much to Kim, Rose, Justin, Grandpa Joe and Dr. G for all your help and thank you everyone who was praying! 

So far the team has raised $2,700 for the wells! Thank you everyone!

Rain, rain, go away!

The team is wet!!! It has been raining the past two days, and add in lots of wind, and you get a very wet and cold team!

They had a great weekend with the Logansport First Church of the Nazarene, and Pastor Smith and Linda are wonderfull people, as well as the church family! The team pulled in to Logansport on Saturday, and it was bigger than they thought! The horses did well and there were many kids that came out to see the traveling cowboys and horses.

On Sunday morning Ashley and Brandy tacked up Prince and Red and rode around greeting people as they came in for Sunday School. They also talked with many as church let out and gave people rides. Pastor Smith even took Prince out for a spin around the parking lot! If anyone has any pictures of that day, could you please send them to us via e-mail, or on the facebook page? Thanks! Or if anyone has any pictures at all, can you post them on the facebook page? We appreciate it!

The team is staying just south of Camdon, Indiana. We will be heading south toward Frankfort, Indiana and then toward Green Castle.

Good-bye Michigan, Hello Indiana!

Well, the girls have now left their home state of Michigan and are now into Indiana. They are currently in Napanee and headed south west toward Logansport. They hope to be at the Indiana/ Kentucky border at the end of October, beginning of November.


Thank you to everyone who has helped to carry the team this far, they never would have made it without your help! Each person who took them in, for just a drink of water, a meal, or shelter for the night, you helped carry their mission to the next point of contact and became a part of the team. Thank you for joining us in this! 



Thank you Albion College Equestrian Center!

When the team left Charlie Betz' they headed south toward Albion. They were met by Danielle from the Albion College's Equestrian Center and she offered the team a place to water the horses and a rest for the night. The team arrived about 4pm and were met by the director George Halkett. They made a great video, to view it and to find out more about the College and their equestrian program that is very impressive, click here.

Elementary School Visit

Charlie with Bo and a student, Ashley and Twist, Febero, and Brandy with Prince
Charlie with Bo and a student, Ashley and Twist, Febero, and Brandy with Prince

The team made a visit with Charlie Betz and his horse Bo to the Springport Elementary School on Monday to give a live presentation to the 4th and 5th graders.

The horses and the kids both had a great time, as well as the girls and Tae. Tae was in his glory with all the attention, and the girls loved sharing the gift of the horses with the children. Charlie also shared Bo and each child was able to take a turn on one of the horses.

The Jackson Citizen Patriot, a local paper, came out to catch the story. To view the article, click here: Horseback for Haiti School Visit

The team has made it to Springport- what a trip!

Alright, so the team has made it to Springport, Mi and what an interesting and fun first 200 miles it has been! Here are a few highlights so far:

September 11th, made it to Gladwin and stayed with Chance, a friend who traveled through 14 states by covered wagon to bring awareness to Child abuse back in 1986. Took a day lay over to re-organize our gear and gather our thoughts. Traveled about 25 miles.

September 13th, left Chance's and stopped by The Springs Camp on M-3o to say good bye to friends and take a lunch break. The horses didn't like the calf they have, or the pig! Met Dean and Saundra while traveling past Beaverton and stayed the night with them. Traveled about 18 miles.

September 14th, left Dean and Sandra's, headed into Edenville and stopped for lunch at Drydock restaurant. Said our last good-bye to Pastor Dave and then headed into Sanford on M-30. Lourie and her family offered us a place to stay and our horses a pasture. Traveled about 20 miles.

September 15th, left Lourie's about 7 am. Headed down a back road toward Merrill. Merrill was the town that moved! (or so it seemed) We met a gentleman that said Merrill was only about 10 more miles, and that fit into our estimated travel time. About 5 miles down we came across a gentleman and his grandson, we said we were headed to Merrill and he said we didn't have far to go, only about 10 or 11 miles! About 3 miles down we came across a very nice little store called the Jam Store. We asked the distance to Merrill and were told only about a mile or two, Great! We unpacked and took an hour lunch break. When we were tacking up another gentleman asked us what we were doing, and after we told him and said we were on our way to Merrill, he said we didn't have far to go, only about 5 or 6 miles. Now wait a minute, this town must be moving!!! We finally made it to Merrill about 5 pm and met Tammy and her grandson Jacob who put us up for the night at Tammy's parent's place. Jacob is a 5 year old Michigan cowboy and will forever hold a place in Brandy and Ashley's heart! Traveled about 18 miles.

September 16, The team decided to take a day lay over, instead of going days and resting a day, they will be going 3 days and resting a day. Carlos and Sinthia provided hay for the horses as well as an awesome pork steak dinner for the girls! Tammy and some other neighbors called Channel 5 news and they came out and did a story on the Team with their anchor, Brian Wood.

September 17th, left Tammy's around 9:30 am and headed toward the town of Elsie via back, dirt roads. Brian Wood tracked us down and brought out some juice and bottled water, and helped us water the horses. Tammy and Jacob also came out and made sure we made it safely across M-57. The team found out that back roads really aren't the best idea. We traveled through a lot of farm land and bean fields, with little options for watering the horses or using the bathrooms! While trying to find a campsite, Connie and Rusty Redman found us and offered us a place to stay at their campsite. It was about 5 miles to the east, but we needed a safe place so we took the extra milage. Rusty and Connie were great hosts and a blessing to us. Traveled about 22 miles.

September 18th, left Rusty and Connie about 9 am. We were hoping to leave earlier so we could reach Ovid and make it for a morning worship service. We left later than planned, so we hoped to make an evening service and had our own little "worship service" via horseback. As the Lord would have it, He led our path directly to the Chapin United Methodist Church just in time for their morning service! They were such a blessing! After we gave the kids a ride, we headed south on Chapin Rd. Tae found a little Beagle dog that had been hit by a car. She couldn't move and had been there a while. We called the number on the tag and the owners were out of town. They knew the nieghbors down the road a little, so we tied the horses by the road and took the little dog to their care. We have recieved a report that the little dog is doing fine and escaped with just a little limp. The team continued south and met Criss and George in Carland. Their friends had a daughter and son-in-law that lived in Ovid, so we headed there. Jamie and Ryan Gilbert have 3 awesome young gentleman, Christian, Dominic, and Cassey, who helped us immensly with setting up camp and bedding down the horses, after they rode the horses of coarse! We had so much fun with that family, and thank them so very much for their hospitality and love! Traveled about 18 miles.   

September 19th, left the Gilberts about 11 am. We got tied up in talking and stayed for some pizza for lunch, how can we turn down a hot meal? The team headed south to Tom's Western store which is an amazing store, and Tom and his daughter Tammy are great people! We storngly suggest that if anyone is into horses, they should go at least once to Tom's Western Tack Store! While we were there we met Robin who lived only a few miles from Tom's. She was great and the more we spent time with her the more we loved her! Robin and her husband, Lionel, own an 80 acre horse farm. Traveled about 6 miles, tough day!

September 20th, took a lay over day. It was the day for a lay over and we could have pushed on due to the easy day the day before, but Prince had a cold that gave him a cough and he needed the rest. It was a good rest.

September 21st, left Robin's about 11 am and headed for Haslett. It was an easy day and made good time. Prayed hard for a safe campsite, due to the fact that we were on the east side of Lansing. Came into Haslett and a wonderful woman directed us to the Spirit of Christ Church just about a 1/4 of a mile down the road. Pastor Mike and Flora were very welcoming and allowed the horses to mow their lawn and we were invited to their fellowship soup dinner and prayer meeting. What a blessing that family was! We were so very blessed and we hope to stop into their place again on our way home! Traveled about 20 miles.

September 22nd, left the church about 9 am. Headed south into Hasett, then into Okemos. Stopped at Wal-Mart to pick up some needed supplies, then over to Miejers to meet with channel 10. Then we went down Okemos Rd into Okemos, very busy, but the horses and Tae did great! Just a note; Brandy does not like hieghts, and that really goes for crossing overpasses, especially 69! But thankfully the horses do great! Prince sure does take care of Brandy! Made it to Mason about 5 pm and stopped into Family Farm and Home to pick up some supplies for the horses. We met a wonderful woman who knew a friend that lived outside of town that had a farm and offered to put us up for the night. Pete and Sarah were great and a blessing! Traveled about 22 miles.

 September 23rd, left Pete and Sarah about 8:30. Headed south west toward Eaton Rapids and met our sister, Crystal Sanderson and our niece Patricia Lee on Barnes Rd for a lunch break. Headed south on Gale Rd and connected to Bellevue Hwy to meet Charlie, who had tacked up Bo and rode out to meet us. We were about 8 to 10 miles from his house. It was a lot of fun to have him ride with us! Made it to Charlie's about 6 pm. Traveled about 24 miles.

September 24th, Lay over!!!!!

September 25th, Ashley spent Saturday night with Crystal and attended church with her, Brandy went to church with John and Pat Payne (Barb Morse's mom and dad). What a blessing and a nice relaxing day! 


Thank you Chapin United Methodist Church!

The Lord greatly blessed us on Sunday by taking our trail passed the Chapin United Methodist Church on Chapin Rd. They are a very loving family and Pastor Hubb was great and reminded Brandy of Pastor Wolfe back home. It was such a blessing to meet more of our family in Christ! They were very welcoming and they love from the heart.


Thank you Chapin United Methodist Church for your hospitality and for your support!


If you are ever in Chapin and looking for a church to visist, check them out!

Riding the road, making new friends!

Jacob, our 5 year old Michigan Cowboy
Jacob, our 5 year old Michigan Cowboy

We are on the road and making headway! The team has successfully made it down to Ovid, Michigan and made a few stops along the way. We made a day lay over in Merrill, where we were blessed with new friends and WNEM channel 5 caught up with us and Brian Wood did an interveiw with Brandy and Ashley. To see the broadcast you can see it here: Horseback for Haiti, Channel 5


Along the way we have been blessed with many great people! We stayed in Beaverton with Dean and Saundra Broka, and then just south of Sanford with Lorie and Tom Dewey, and then in Merrill with Tammy, Sarah and Jacob Fleming, and south of Merrill with Rusty and Connie Redman at their campsite, and now we are in Ovid with Jamie and Ryan Gilbert along with their 3 boys, Christian, Dominic, and Cassey. And Yesturday we met Criss and George Maurer who let our horses stop in for lunch and take a break. Thank you very much everyone! You've all been a blessing and an honor to know! We'll stay in touch and keep you all posted on how we're doing!


Currently it's raining, and we're still planning to try and head south. Hopefully the rain stops and holds off for a while! It's a lot of fun haveing the horses camped out in a subdivision!


Oh, and so far the team has collected $800 for the wells! We're almost to the $1,000 mark, and only $14,000 to go! And don't worry, we aren't carrying that with us, we send any cash donations back to the church on a regular basis! And some of that is in pledges!


Alright, time to get the horses around, check in again as soon as we can! God Bless everyone!

The team is off as planned!

The team taking a short break
The team taking a short break

Thank you everyone for your prayers! Prince's leg is great and it still has some fluid in it, but it is coming down.


The team stayed their first day in Gladwin, just off of M-30 at a friend's house. Due to the fact that the horses put in 26 miles that day, the team took a lay over day to rest the horses, re-adjust the gear, and get everyone into the traveling mindset. Chance, their host, also helped the girls route out the next two days and their mom and dad were able to come out and say their goodbyes.


On Tuesday, they stopped in at the Springs Camp on M-30 to rest for lunch and say good bye to friends. The team was blessed with a couple that offered them food and a tie out for the horses. What spoiled horses! They ate alf-alfa right off the field! Thank you Dean and Sandra, you're a great blessing!


The team is planning on camping south of Sanford Wednesday night, and will be staying south on M-30 toward Ovid.


Thank you everyone for your prayers and support!


Radio Interview- Brandy Nelsey with Jennifer White on Michigan Radio

Brandy Nelsey was contacted by Michigan Radio and invited to join Jennifer White on the Michigan Radio Newsroom for an interview for the Horseback for Haiti trip. To listen to the interview you can follow the link below:

Michigan Radio Interview

The count down is on!

And the count down is on! We are leaving September 11th and the day is approaching quickly. 


The girls are both excited and nervous. A lot of planning and preperation has gone into this trip, with much still to be done. There is still $800 needed for the remaining equipment. 


There will be a send off for the trip on September 11th at Agape Community Church in West Branch, MI following the morning service. You're welcome to come and see the girls off and show your support!

Bake sale success!

Dispite the poor weather, Brandy, Prince and Feb still made it to Tractor Supply on August 13th for the bake sale. They were not able to stay as long as they had hoped for, but with the generosity from those who were out that day $108 was raised for the trip. Thank you very much for everyone who helped put the bake sale together and for those who donated!