Are you near us?

The horseback  for Haiti team is on the road and on the move! They have been finding wonderful people along the way, and many who love the Lord! What a blessing it has been to stay with them and to get to know them all.


If you are along the route and would like to host the team for the night, that would be great! To host the team you need a place big enough to stake the horses out, or if you have horses ours would love to be loose in a corral or pasture, and enough grass for the horses to graze on or a bale of hay if it is only for one night.


If you would like to host the team, you can e-mail us or contact Pastor Dave and he will help you make contact with the team. (989) 473-2944


Thank you very much!

During the Trip

During our time on the trail we will be needing places to spend the night, and occassionally we will need a place to rest the horses for 2-3 days. We are hoping to connect with youth horse camps along the way as well as churches. The horses don't need too much room, but they do need plenty of food and water. We will be grazing them on grass most of the way, but if grass is scarce hay would be great! Each horse eats 1/2 of a square bale a day, and it needs to be good quality hay- green, not brown.


If you have grazing land available, or would like to donate pasture space and hay for the horses, we'd love to hear from you! Oh, and Brandy and Ashley would greatly appreciate a bed, shower and home cooked meal every so often as well! 


If you are close to our route, or not too far off, feel free to contact us