Brandy's Testemony

I was raised in a Christian home with my mom and dad. I was saved when I was either 5 or 6 on my living room couch after my mom and I talked about what happens when you die and how to get to heaven.  


I was raised to put God and others first, and my dad taught me to step up and take responsibility. There are times when you think you know it all, and your parents don't really know what they are saying. Then you get older and realize they knew very well what they were teaching you (or at least they did a great of job faking it!) and it really does have truth in the way you live. I look back now and see that with my parents. No, they weren't perfect and they did make many mistakes, but what they gave me is worth more than material possessions. My mom taught me about forgiveness and how you have to move on, but you just don't walk away from someone. My dad taught me to work with my whole heart and to be diligent. They both taught me about unconditional love and how to be a servant from the heart. My parents would never hesitate to help some one out- friend or stranger. And they would always do their best to get me where I needed, even wanted, to go. At the drop of the hat they would help out without any thought of return. They showed me how to focus on what really matters, the heart. And I am very blessed to have had that foundation.


Growing up we listened to music such as 4-him, Point of Grace, Living Truth, Jeff Moore and The Distance, Kathy Tracolli, ect. And then in my teen years I got a little more rambunctious and moved to music such as DC Talk, Toby Mac, T-bone, Grits, Audio Adrenaline, KJ-52, Pillar, Skillet, P.O.D., Zoe Girl, Supper Chick, ect. But my all time favorite is Carman. When I was 13 we attended a free Carman concert held at the Palace of Auburn Hills on November 22nd, or 21st, of 2001. During the concert I was extremely touched by the amount of people that had gathered to praise and get excited about our God. I also realized how alive and real He was, I felt Him close and moving. During the alter call I rededicated my life to Christ and His service. I still remember Carman's words. Not all of them, but they were very close to this, "If you feel the Lord moving in your life, show Him you'll move for Him. Make your way out of your seat and down to the front of the stage. Show Him you're serious about Him. Some of you might be saying, 'It's no big deal.' If it's no big deal then why don't you do it?" The amount of people that went down there was amazing, and I wanted to be a part of this God movement. If God was that big, He could love and handle me. Someday I would love to meet Carman and tell him thank you for obeying the Lord and stepping out by doing the free concerts. If I don't get to here on earth, I will when we get to Heaven. And I hope he'll go for a horse ride with me!


After that I continued to grow in the Lord and had many people around me teaching and encouraging me in the Lord. Among them where Matt and Michelle Bedtelyon, and Justin and Melissa Bedtelyon. I love them dearly and thank them for all they put into me. During my time at Whispering Hope I was able to serve and work with youth through horses. I truly believe that horses are Angel's Wings and God's unhindered tools. They can cross bridges into hearts that have been broken or damaged by people and then carry us across to show the unconditional love of God to that broken heart. Horses also give life to dreams and renew hope that was lost, as well as restore trust that was taken away.


Another milestone for me was the Breaking Free bible study by Beth Moore. That bible study is amazing and I would strongly recommend it for any woman who desires to know God. Not to know about God, but to trulyknow Him. Breaking Free showed me a lot about myself and my God, and how He sees me and how He made me to be, not what the world tries to turn me into. I also would like to meet Beth Moore, we are planning to attend her church for service. If I don't get to meet Beth, that's alright, but I do want to celebrate our Lord with her church family and meet some of them.


Throughout my life the Lord has always been present and His blessings and protection have overflowed into this life He has given me. Without Him I would never have made it this far, and I would have no hope for living. He has given me hope time and time again, and much of that has come through horses, especially my mare Febero. And now I hope to pass that on to others. To give hope through God and horses.