Brandy and Ashley Nelsey

Brandy and Ashley are two sisters who are amazingly similar, yet still maintaining their own individuality. Brandy is the oldest of the two, and Ashley is right behind her by 2 years. 


When they were young, Brandy was the ambitious inventor and adventurer while Ashley was the steady, "whatever adventure comes along I'll go for," kind of girl. Brandy remembers a time when she talked Ashley into going outside to try out an experiment that didn't work out so well, and Ashley came into the house bruised and with a few cuts. "When my mom asked her what happened," says Brandy, "I'll never forget Ashley's response; 'Oh, I just fell playing.' Just easy and brushing it off, like it was no big deal even though I had to really convince her to do it. She always supported me, even if the idea went bad. She would just say, 'Yep. Let's just not do that one again.' and then move on. She's a good steady." 


For Ashley, she always looked up to her big sister and wanted to follow everything she did. Brandy was her steady and could make things work out. "No matter what situations we found ourselves in," Ashley says, "we always found a way out the same way we went in- Brandy leading the way and me covering her back. We balance eachother out, and when one is having a bad day the other is there to pick it up and hold the peices together." 


This two young ladies Love the Lord and are trusting Him all the way, both in this trip and throughout life's path. If you would like to pledge for one of them, you can download one of their pledge forms below their profile. 


About Brandy

Brandy was raised in Hale, Mi. She gained her love for animals from her mom, Dawn, especially her love for horses. Brandy's first horse was the propane tank in the back yard. It didn't go anywhere, but it carried her dreams and imagination far. 

Brandy was home schooled from the 3rd grade all the way through high school and loved to be outdoors exploring, working with the animals, or creating things for her little sister to try out. In the summer she would attend a week of summer camp at New Life Camp in Rose City, MI from the age of 7 to 13. When she was 12 they introduced the week of horse camp through Whispering Hope Ranch which is located next door to New Life. After her last week of camp in 2001, she volunteered with Whispering Hope Ranch and helped them with their horse camp at another Christian camp, Covenant Hills Camp in Ottisville, MI. During the winter Brandy was able to volunteer throughout the week and also during the weekends, and would spend her summers with the horses. Brandy's first love was a horse named Rocky, a beautiful Arabian/ Appaloosa bay gelding. He gave wings to her dreams and filled her with a love and passion for horses that remains to this day. Rocky will always hold a special place in Brandy's heart.

In August of 2009, Brandy left Whispering Hope Ranch Ministries. She felt the Lord telling her it was time to move on and so she did. But the Lord had plans that were different from what Brandy had in mind, which is how it usually goes when you tell the Lord, "Okay Lord. My life is yours, take me where you want to and use me to the fullest of my ability! I trust you no matter what!" God will take you at your word, that's for sure! Brandy thought she would settle down and live a "normal" life; get a job, get a house, have one horse in the back yard, get married, have kids, go to church events, become a Sunday School teacher, live a quiet life. Nope. Once God starts in your life He doesn't quit! She became restless and missed the ministry with horses and the challenges that ranch life brings. It's hard to get horses and kids out of your blood when you love it with a passion that drives you throughout 10 years of your life. A friend approached her about the position at YMCA Camp Timbers in West Branch, Mi, so she looked into it and in April of 2010 Brandy became their Ranch Director and has been so for the 2010 and 2011 summer seasons.

Brandy's Pledge Form
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About Ashley

Ashley was born and raised in Hale, MI. From 1st grade through graduation she was homeschooled.


When she was 7 she attended New Life Camp with her sisters until the age of 10 when she began attending horse camp at Whispering Hope Ranch. This started her knowledge and love for horses and riding. For two years she volunteered with the horse program. After which, she started working in children's ministries at her church, East Tawas Assembly of God. During this time she was also heavily involved with various 4-H groups. 


At the age of 15 Ashley went on her first missions trip to Argentina with her church. The following year Ashley and her church returned to build churches in the locations where their team had gone before. 


Ashley is the youngest girl of four children, with two older sisters and a younger brother. She has a deep love for animals, especially horses and dogs. Her dog's name is Belle and has been a loyal companion for 12 years now, and her horse's name is Red. Red is a 5 year old Nevada Mustang and up was very shy of people and had very little training up until April of 2011, when Ashley and Brandy were able to work with him. He is a smart horse and is very eager to learn and please. After 18 leasons he was riding around like a pro, and as long as you clearly ask him what you want, he's happy to give it to you with everything he has! 


In 2009 Ashley moved from Hale, MI to Flint MI in hopes of finding a job. Two weeks after moving she was employed at Wal-Mart as a produce associate. After a year there she got a job at a Standard Bred show barn in Goodrich, MI as a horse groom. This is when she rediscovered her love for horses and learning more about them. 


In March of 2011 Ashley had to leave her job at the barn and decided to move back home. In the spring of 2011 she started volunteering at Camp Timbers with her sister, Brandy, who began to show her a different way to handle horses. At the barn you controlled the horses and handled them with a firm, unforgiving hand. Brandy taught me to be gentle and ask for the horse to respond, then back it up, and that you have to listen to the horse, not just talk to them. Trust them, they know what their doing more than we do, and we're just asking them to do it with us. 

Ashley's Pledge Form
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